Let's go!

About Joelle Fernandez

I am an emerging multidisciplinary artist. In these last 11 years, I have gotten a taste of many roles thus discovering my many strengths and purposes.

I am an award-winning solo and collaborative choreographer, storytelling performer, movement teacher/coach/mentor to diverse students, event and community organizer, advocate of multicultural arts and youth empowerment, safe space holder for weekly open freestyle dance sessions, actor and musician, and graduate of the University of Minnesota.

There isn't 1 formal name for the amalgamation of dance styles that I do. My art is heavily influenced by Hip Hop dance, House, Krump, Popping, Filipino folk dance, martial arts, gymnastics, theatre, nature, political climate, friends, family, and my life experiences.

There is a demand for what I do and a scarcity of it in the Twin Cities. I have spent my whole dance career uplifting my community in conjunction with my own growth process. I have continually demonstrated my commitment to my craft and the community by sharing as much as I can. Every lesson I learn I soak it up, spend time with it, explore it, make mistakes, learn from mistakes, build it, and live it. I share this knowledge with others.


I am currently:

  • A teacher at Straightline Dance Fitness in NE Minneapolis, MN
  • An instructor at House of Dance Twin Cities in Hopkins, MN
  • An instructor of DNCE 1343 Urban & Street Dance at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN
  • Coach/choreographer of The Pups (jr. Hip Hop squad for the MN Timberwolves & Lynx)
  • Founder/choreographer of Kudeta and Smoothies
  • Member of 612 Crew (adult Hip Hop crew for the MN Timberwolves & Lynx)
  • Member of S.H.E. (She who Holds Everything)
  • Member of O/Gambit Krump family
  • Member of Gentlebaes
  • Social Media for Straightline Dance Fitness and Mixtape Dance